Hinton Fish & Game Association

Range Rules

Hinton Fish & Game Association Range Rules

The 4 Rules of Gun Safety:

1.               Treat the firearm as if it is loaded

2.               NEVER point the firearm at anything you do not want to shoot

3.               Keep your finger OFF the trigger until your sights are on the target

4.               Know your TARGET and what is beyond it

*All shooters must have a valid Hinton Fish & Game membership and have membership placard visible in vehicle on-site OR be a registered guest of a member:  Log book must be signed, $5 fee paid for insurance and member is responsible for conduct of their guest.  Maximum 3 visits per guest.

*Children under 18 must be accompanied & SUPERVISED by a parent or guardian.

*The first person at the Range automatically becomes the Range Officer; whether he/she is certified.  This position and its responsibilities are retained until a certified person appears.  The first person shall be responsible for the safety on the Range and upon leaving, at his/her discretion, shall pass the responsibility to another person.  He/she may also pass the responsibility to another person for competition or other reasons, but with the agreement of the other person.  All commandments must be obeyed.

*All Federal and Provincial Firearm Regulations are to be observed at all times.

*Anyone handling a firearm or bow in an unsafe or careless manner, or failing to comply with the instructions of the Range Officer will be escorted off the Range.

*All firearms shall be transported and stored as per the Firearms Act and Regulations.

*Everyone is required to produce proper documentation upon request by Club Executives:  including valid membership, valid firearms license & a current authorization to transport.

*Proper hearing and eye protection must be worn.

*Firearms will be placed ONLY on shooting benches with muzzle pointed downrange, in a rifle rack or in vehicle. 

*All firearms shall be open and unloaded when people are downrange.

*Target holders must be within 3 metres of the backstop past 100 yards.  Shoot ONLY from firing line.

*Approved targets are to be placed on target holders only, NOT on uprights or cross-members.

*Approved metal target need to be AR-500 hardened steel with proper caging.


*Approved targets include paper, metal silhouettes, IPSC, cowboy action, trap.

*No shooting of Tannerite, glass, tin cans, rocks, trees, plastic bottles, corks, golf balls, etc.

*No shooting of targets on the ground as ricochets may leave the area.

*Shotgun hulls/brass/shells MUST be picked up and put in pails.

*No shotguns to be used on Rifle Ranges without prior permission from Range Master.

*First time Trap shooters must have a Trap Club Member coach them on safety rules and procedures of trap shooting.

*On the Trap Range the largest size shot allowed is 7.5

*Trap Range #1 is for coaching and practice only.

*Trap firearms must be open when changing shooting positions & going to & from the Trap Ranges.

*Archery Range rules posted must be followed.

*No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the Range.  Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be escorted off the Range.

*No edible materials are to be left in garbage due to wildlife.

*Be aware Outdoor & Indoor Ranges & surrounding areas are under Video Surveillance.

*Treat Club property and building with respect.  Theft and vandalism will not be tolerated.


1.    Removal from the grounds

2.    Revoked or lifetime suspension from the Hinton Fish & Game Association

3.    Suspension of National Firearms Association insurance

4.    Theft/Vandalism will be reported to RCMP for criminal charges

If you have ANY safety concerns, please contact:
RCMP Hinton:  780-865-2455      780-865-1410
HFGA Range Master:  Nicolas Ouellet 780-817-8502
HFGA President:  Kevin Guimond   780-740-5659